The Virtual Vine: a resource for early childhood educators, preschool through 2nd grade, filled with lots of great classroom ideas.

Making Learning Fun: Lots of FREE printables for early childhood educators.  They are always adding new stuff.

Mrs. Brown's Special Education Class Site: theme ideas, lesson plans, daily living, cooking, and prevocational activities.

PreKinders: Lots of great ideas for preschool and kindergarten teachers.

Mrs. Anderson's Kindergarten Treehouse: lots of great theme ideas and other resources for kindergarten teachers.

Mrs. Fisher's Kinder Themes: Nine months of themes for early childhood teachers.
Sept. (back to school, chicka chicka boom boom, bears, apples,) Oct. (pumpkins, fire safety, scarecrows, halloween, autumn) Nov. (turkeys, pilgrims and indians) Jan. (snow) Feb. (Valentines, dental health) March (St. Patty Day, Dr. Seuss) April (Easter, bunnies, flowers) May (bugs, watermelon, flowers, end of year, mother's day)

Mrs. Stewart's Kindergarten: theme ideas and other resources

Hummingbird Educational Resources: resources for early childhood educators.  Provides some FREE downloads.

Mrs. Renee's Kindergarten Pad: lots of great theme ideas and other resources.

Mrs. Levin's Pre-K Pages: theme ideas and other resources.

KinderCourt: lots of great activity ideas for curricular themes.  Many pictures to illustrate activities.

Little Giraffes Teacher Pages: Teaching ideas and theme based activities.

The Toddler House:  this site has lots of great activity ideas for common themes.  Many pictures to illustrate activities.  Free printables!

Kinder By Kim: provides many monthly activity ideas. 

Pre-K Fun: lots of great activity and theme ideas, with free printables.

Step By Step: lots of theme based activities.

Green Gables Elementary: theme ideas and printables.

Enchanted Learning: Many printable craft materials, easy reader books, and various activities.  Must be a member to access most materials.



Jefferson Parish Schools - Speech Language Services: Adapted books, materials and activity ideas to increase communication skills.

Baltimore City Schools - Adapted Library:  Large list of  popular books with printable boardmaker symbols useful for adapting books or making overlays.

ECASD Boardmaker Resources: some free boardmaker printables and resources.

Project Participate: provides simple strategies and printable resources to increase active participation of students with significant disabilities.

Speaking of Speech: lots of great resources for speech therapists and teachers to improve communication.  Check out the 'Materials Exchange' section.

Miami Dade County Schools - Prekindergarten Program for Children with Special Needs: Lots of great boardmaker printables.

NYC Department of Education: Adapted books and materials free to print.

Do - 2 - Learn: Free educational, picture-based materials to print and activity ideas.

Preschool Printables: I have used several of their free file folder printables.

Preschool Fun: Shoe box task ideas with picture samples.

Preschool Zone: Resources for early childhood special education teachers.

Child Care Land: provides learning materials for early childhood educators.  Lots of FREE printables!

Cindy's Autistic Support: Great information, resources, and ideas for teaching students with autism.

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: resources and ideas for teachers of students with special needs.

SET Special Education Technology: collection of downloadable visual supports and activities.

Slater Software Free Stuff:  Printable social stories and various materials available for free.

Celebrations Around the World: Neat website for high-school age students with severe disabilities. Provides social studies lesson plans and activities.



AAC Intervention: lots of classroom ideas for communication and literacy.  Check out the tips of the month section. 

AT Resources for Schools:  great ideas for low-tech, mid-tech, and high tech assistive technology to use in your classroom.

Valdosta State University and GPAT:  short video clips describing various types of assistive technology.

Assistive Technology for Children with Autism:  great article discusses how various modes of technology can be used for children with autism.  

Rehab Tools: assistive technology resources and links.

Priory Woods: huge amount of resources on using technology in your classroom with your students with special needs.  Have fun searching around.

Switch/Touch Screem Videos from Priory Woods:  My kids love these videos!  The first time you download a video it takes awhile but after once you've loaded it the first time it's quick from then on.  Great resource.

YAACK - Connecting Young Kids: Lot of information regarding AAC use.

Assistive Technology Training Online Project: provides information on assistive technology that help students with disabilities learn in elementary classrooms




Autism Information from CESA 7: general strategies for teachers, visual schedule examples and IEP goals and objective samples.

Autism 4 Teachers:  Autism support website containing helpful materials and information for teachers of students with autism.  Lots of picture examples.  Be sure to check out the Themes section too.

Positively Autism: An Autism e-newsletter with free articles, resources and teaching materials.

Cindy's Autistic Support: great site with lots of information for teachers of students with autism.  Check it out!

ABA Educational Resources: information on ABA, with some free downloads.

Building Blox: Many pictures of task ideas here.  Scroll to the bottom for free downloads.  Take a look.