Community Helpers Library:


Circle Time Activities:

Workers in the Town: (sung to "Wheels on the Bus")
Make a felt board character for each community helper. Laminate and add female velcro to center of each helper.  Make an object that represents each helper. Laminate and add male velcro to back of each piece.  As you sing the verses, hand a student an object that goes with the verse and have them velcro it to the correct community helper. (Objects can be: policeman = badge, fireman = fire, teacher = apple, mailman = envelope, doctor = band aid, and dentist = toothbrush).

The policemen in the town keep us safe,
keep us safe, keep us safe,
The policement in the town keep us safe,
all day long

Additional Verses:
*The firemen in the town put out the fires
*The teachers in the town help us learn
*The mailman in the town brings the mail
*The doctor in the town makes you well
*The dentist in the town cleans your teeth

Community Helpers Song: (sung to "Farmer in the Dell")
Display the last word of each sentence (food, hair, mail, fire, teeth, heart) on a communication device.  Sing the whole verse as students listen.  At the end of each verse show a student the picture choices on an AAC device and let him "sing" the correct ending.

The chef cooks the food
The chef cooks the food
Hi-Ho, What do you know
The chef cooks the (student pushes AAC device to say food).

Additional Verses:
*The barber cuts our hair
*The mailman brings the mail
*The firefighter puts out fires
*The dentist cleans our teeth
*The doctor checks our heart

Nurse Body Part Rhyme: (sung to "Farmer in the Dell") 
Adapted from activity found on
Give students large gauze pad and have them follow directions during the song.

Put a bandage on my knee,
Put a bandage on my knee
Oh nurse take care of me
Put bandage on my knee.

Additional Verses
*Put a bandage on my head, Oh nurse put me to bed
*Put a bandage on my shoulder, Oh nurse look it over
*Put a bandage on my toe, Oh nurse make my pain go
*Put a bandage on my leg, Oh nurse, to you I beg
*Put a bandage on my arm, Oh nurse, keep me safe from harm
*Put a bandage on my ear, Oh nurse, I need to hear

Nurse Shape Felt Board: (sung to "Mary Wore a Red Dress")

Print the felt board activity here at Making Learning Fun.  They have such wonderful activities!

Fire Safety Review Rhyme:
Print fireman cards and instructions here.  I have adapted the rhyme found at  Give each student a fireman card.  Program responses in a Step-By-Step communication device.  Students respond when it is their turn by pushing the switch to recite their line.

Fireman, fireman number 1, why do we call 9-1-1? 
For emergency
Fireman, fireman number 2, if we catch on fire, what should we do? 
Stop, Drop and Roll

Fireman, fireman number 3 tell us where our meeting place should be.
Where ever my parents told me to be.
Fireman, fireman number 4 tell us why we should touch the door?

To see if there’s a fire near the door.

Fireman, fireman number 5 what can we do to stay alive?

Get out!  Stay Out! Fast as you can!

Fireman, fireman number 6 should we play with lighters, matches and sticks? 
Fireman, fireman number 7 what should we do when the smoke is to the heavens?  
Stay low and Crawl to safety
Fireman, fireman number 8 can you tell me a rule that is great?
Never hide under your bed, for goodness sake.
Fireman, fireman number9 tell us who to call one more time,
Fireman, fireman number 10, tell us who is your friend?
A fireman dress in his turn out gear

Five Police Officers: (Felt Board counting poem)
Display 5 police officers on the felt board.  As you recite the poem let each student remove a policeman.  Students can help count during the poem using a Step-By-Step communication device.

Five police officers, standing by the store,
One directed traffic and then there were four.

Four police officers, brave as can be,
One chased a robber and then there were three.

Three police officers, dressed all in blue,
One stopped a speeding car and then there were two.

Two police officers, helping everyone,
One saved a child's life and then there were one.

One police officer, standing in the sun,
Sun went down, he went home, and then there were none.

Five Friendly Firefighters: (A felt board counting poem)

Display 5 firemen on the felt board.  As you recite the poem let each student remove a fireman.  Students can hep count during the poem using a Step-By-Step communicaiton device.


Five friendly firefighters standing near the door,
One washes the fire engine, now there are four.

Four friendly firefighters waiting patiently,
One fixes the hoses, now there are three.

Three friendly firefighters have a lot to do,
One climbs up a ladder, now there are two.

Two friendly firefighters exercise and run,
One cooks some dinner, now there is one.

One friendly firefighter-all the work is done,
This one goes to bed, now there are none.


Literacy Activities:

Doctor Kit Emergent Reader: Printable book from Making Learning Fun.  Click here to view and print.  Assemble pages and read with students.

Art Activities:

Fire Trucks:  Give each child a picture of a fire truck to color or paint red.

Spotted Dalmations: Print dog pattern here. Let students stamp black thumbprints on dog to make the dalmation's spots.

Occupation Collage: Cut out pictures of workers from magazines and glue them to poster board.

Doctor Collage:  Give children supplies like cotton balls, band aids, gauze, etc.  Let them create their own doctor collage.

Police Hat and Badge:  Use provided template.  Let students decorate with paint or tissue paper.  Cut out. 

Police Vest: You could make a police vest out of a brown paper bag.  Let the students paint it blue and add a badge.

Fire Painting:  Using colors associated with fire squirt paint on paper and add a few drops of black paint here and there.  Press clear plastic wrap onto the paper and squeegee the paint around.  Pull plastic off the paper using a strong vertical pulling action (this will cause the paint to look like fire).  When paint is dry glue a cutout of a fire truck next to the fire.

Paper Plate Fireman:  Print pattern here.

Fireman Cut and Paste:  Print pattern here.

Doctor Bags:  Using black construction paper, precut a doctor bag shape.  Give children various first aid items; example: band-aid, gauze, cotton, Q-tips, and hole punch circles that represent “pills.” Children glue on the items.

Shape X-Ray craft: Print the pieces for this craft here.  Students assemble pieces on black construction paper to create a chest x-ray. 

Nurse Hat:  Print here.  Have student color, sponge paint, or tear and paste construction paper to fill hat.

Baker Cut and Paste:  Print baker template here.  Let students cut out and assemble.  Decorate with crayons or sponge paint.

Work Activities:

Firemen Color Match File Folder Activity: Printable file folder activity from Preschool Printables.  Students match colored fireman hats.  Click here to view and print.

Sign matching:  Obtain pictures of common community signs.  Make 2 copies.  Glue one copy of pictures to file folder and laminate.  Cut and laminate match set of signs.  Students match signs by velcroing to file folder underneath the match.

Colored Spots:  Print and laminate large colorful dalmatian dogs.  Print and laminate matching colored dots for each dog.  Students will velcro colored spots to the correct colored dalmation.

Sorting Hats:  5 printouts of each type of community helper hat.  Student has to sort them onto the correct community helper. (Chef hat, police hat, fire hat, etc.)  You can find hat templates here.

Be a Baker - Counting Activity: Print the baking pans here.  Students roll out the correct number of play-dough cookies and place on the pan.

Muffin Tin Visual Discrimination Activity: Print instructions and cards here.  Students match colored pom-poms into colored spots in muffin tins.  Make it a fine motor skill by having students pick up pom-poms with tweezers.


Mini Muffin Pom-Pom game: You will need a mini muffin pan for each student.  Print instructions and game cards here. Students draw a card and collect the number and color of pom-poms specified.  1st person to fill their tin wins! 
TIP: instead of drawing for cards you can velcro them on the All-Turn-It spinner for those with motor difficulties.

Doctor Kit Memory Game:  Very cute printable game at Making Learning Fun.  Click here.  First person to fill their doctor's bag wins!

Nurse Roll and Color:  Printable game sheets here.  Give each student a coloring sheet.  Put numbers on All-Turn-It spinner or large foam dice.  Students roll for a number and color the corresponding item on their sheet.  The first person to complete the picture wins!

Cooking Activities:

Dalmatian Cookies: Use refrigerator-type sugar cookie dough. Roll out and press with dog-shaped cookie cutter. Add chocolate chips for the dots. Bake according to package directions.

Fire Truck Cookie: Cut the top right corner off a graham cracker. Spread red icing on the graham cracker. Break one Oreo cookie apart and add to the "truck" as wheels. Use black icing to draw the ladder or decorate as desired. Yum! Yum!