Brown Bear, Brown Bear,

What Do You See?


Circle Time Activities:

Five Little Bears: (A felt board counting poem)
Display one bear on a felt board.  Pass out additional four bears to students.  As you recite the poem, students take turns placing their bear on the felt board.  Have a Step-By-Step communication device programmed with numbers 2-5.  As students place their bear on the felt board they also push the switch to state the underlined numbers for each verse.

One little bear
wondering what to do
Along came another
Then there were two!

Two little bears
climbing up a tree
Along came another
Then there were three!

Three little bears
ate an apple core
Along came another
Then there were four!

Four little honey bears
found honey in a hive
Along came another
Then there were five!

Teddy Wore His Red Shirt: (A felt board color recognition poem) (Sung to the tune, "Mary Wore a Red Dress")
You need to cut out and laminate a teddy bear, red shirt, blue pants, white socks, green shoes, and yellow hat.  Display the large teddy bear on the felt board.  Pass out the clothing pieces to your students.  As you sing the song, students place the appropriate clothing on the bear.

Teddy wore his red shirt, red shirt, red shirt,
Teddy wore his red shirt all day long.

Teddy wore his blue pants, blue pants, blue pants,
Teddy wore his blue pants all day long.

(Continue adding one piece of clothing at a time)

Literacy Activities:

Student Books: Let students make their own copy of the book to take home and share with their family.  Click here to view and print the Emergent Reader from KinderCritters.  Click here to view and print the Emergent Reader from Making Learning Fun.

Felt Board Characters: Print these color picture cards from DLTK.  Give each student an animal.  As you read the story, let each student put the appropriate animal on the felt board.  Students can retell the story using the felt board characters. 

Brown Bear Clank Can:  Just another way for students to review the story.  Adds some sensory and fine motor skills. :)  Click here to view instructions.

Work Tasks:

Bear Color Sorting:  Students sort bear counters or gummy bears by color.

Bear Counting:  Print and laminate large honey pots programmed with numerals 1-5.  Students count the correct number of teddy graham cookies onto each honey pot.

Play Dough Mats: Printable play dough mats from Making Learning Fun.  Students make shapes of each animal named using cookie cutters.  Click here to view and print.

M&M Color Sorting:  Another printable Brown Bear activity from Making Learning Fun.  Click here to view and print.  You could also make multiple copies of these pictures, cut out, laminate, and let students sort the pictures, instead of M&M's.

Art Activities:

Brown Bear: Give each student a brown bear pattern.  Let students cover with a brown material (tear and paste construction or tissue paper, fingerpaint, sponge paint, or shake on coffee grounds.

Brown Bear Paper Plate Mask: Simple craft from Making Learning Fun.  Click here for instructions.

Brown Bear Paper Plate Craft:  Additional crafts from Making Learning Fun using paper plates.  Click here for instructions.

Red Bird: Use feathers as brushes to paint a bird pattern red.

Gold fish: Tear and paste orange tissue paper and glue onto fish pattern.  Sprinkle on gold glitter for added effect.


Color and Black/White pictures: Another set of printable pictures at KizClub in color or black/white.

Large and Small pictures: Yet another set of printable pictures from Making Learning Fun.  Click here to view and print.

Brown Bear Story Telling Pieces: Printable picture cards here.  You can print them in black and white or color.

Color Word Charts: Printables to print and hang in your classroom.  Click here to view and print.


Brown Bear Lotto: Create lotto (bingo) cards of the animals from the story and laminate.  Give each student a lotto card.  Place the animal pictures on the All-Turn-It spinner.  Students take turns spinning for an animal.  They name the animal (using a Big Mac if needed) and all student's mark their card.  First student to get bingo WINS!  Actually I just found printable lotto cards here from... you guessed it... Making Learning Fun.  :)

Brown Bear Concentration: Printable game from Making Learning Fun.  Click here to view and print.

Cooking Activities:

Beary Good Trail Mix:
Ingredients: 1/2 cup raisins, 1/2 cup peanuts, 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips, 1/2 cup sunflower seeds (shelled)
Let the students measure and stir the ingredients. Divide mix into four servings and place in ziplock bags.